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WWF and Unilever Farewell to the Forest film attracts over one million hits

Unilever’s film in partnership with WWF,  Farewell to the Forest, has received over one million hits on YouTube.

The video, which portrays a tree escaping the forest to relocate to the city, illustrates the harmful impact that deforestation has on the planet and includes some striking statistics, such as: “36 football fields of forest are destroyed every minute”.


Mass public action

In an interview on the Unilever website, WWF’s chief adviser on forests, Will Ashley-Cantello said that the partnership between WWF and Unilever aims to show people that: “while humanity has caused deforestation, we can also bring it under control”.

In the interview, Unilever asks Ashley-Cantello why this campaign is being taken to consumers, as “isn’t it up to business to solve this challenge with governments?”

He said: “Businesses certainly do need to work with and challenge governments. But we also need mass public action. This is a crucial year in the fight against climate change.

In December, world leaders will meet in Paris for UN climate talks – the deadline for a new global agreement to prevent disastrous climate change.

“Ending deforestation is an essential part of this. WWF and Unilever want consumers to be informed about forests and climate change, and how they can make a difference. Governments respond to a clear political mandate, and demand from their citizens”.


Bring about change

The message of the video is: “A tree may be safer in the city than in the rainforest. Let’s change this.”

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