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Top 3 Facebook tips for your organisation

It was recently revealed that Facebook has replaced Google as the chief source for news traffic online.

Furthermore, new data from GlobalWebIndex has shown that the social networking site is the top network for membership and active usage across the globe.

As Facebook is becoming an increasingly influential tool for brands and organisations to interact with the public, we’ve put together our top three tips for using the site as part of your social media strategy.


Don’t be afraid of using video and images

Photos and videos tend to attract more attention and they can help your posts jump out on a busy Facebook newsfeed.  According to a report by Socialbakers, 75 per cent of content in a one-month period posted to Facebook includes images.

When choosing your images – including your cover photo –  it’s worth checking out this Infographic on the ‘psychology of colours in marketing’. For example, blue tends to be associated with peace and reliability whereas red can create a sense of urgency.

In terms of video, over the past year Facebook video posts have rocketed in popularity and the site is now considered to be a strong rival to YouTube.  An increasing number of brands are now sharing their short films via Facebook directly.


Use plenty of links

Links are a great way to divert Facebook users to your organisation’s website.

To include a link in a Facebook post is simple. All you have to do is:

  • Paste the site URL into a new post and press enter
  • The title, description and image are used from your URL however you’re able to customise both the text and image of the post
  • Facebook has increased the image size for posts such as these to “ensure you select compelling imagery that will blend into the Needs Feed experience”


Keep content concise and engaging

When it comes to social media, it’s best to keep your copy to the point, as many people will be reading the content via their mobile phone or iPad.

Within your content, it’s also worth interacting with your audience as much as you can. For example, asking for people’s thoughts on your latest campaign. If your audience does provide you with feedback, this is a good opportunity to post new content responding to this (to demonstrate that you have taken their suggestions on board).

For more social media advice, this Infographic from ShortStack sets out the dos and don’ts of running your organisation’s Facebook page.

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