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Charity uses social media in a bid to create ‘innovative crowdfunding movement’

Cafédirect Producers’ Foundation (CPF) has launched a new fundraising campaign offering the public the opportunity to donate “without spending a penny”.

A UK-registered charity, CPF works with smallholder farmers and their organisations in Latin America, Africa and Asia. It is owned by smallholder producer representatives.

A small team of eight people, it was established by the fair-trade company Cafédirect in 2009 and since then more than 70,000 farmers have benefitted from its programmes.



The campaign gives people the chance to support the charity by donating their twitter followers. The aim is to grow #OneBigTweet – one ‘so big’ it can be auctioned for charity.

The buyer will then be able to auto-retweet their #OneBigTweet from supporters’ accounts for one time only, allowing them to reach a great number of people.




How does it work?

The campaign has three simple instructions:

  • Click on the link
  • Click on ‘Donate my twitter followers’
  • Press ‘Authorise’


An opportunity to break the mould

The campaign is a fresh new way for the charity to secure funds that can help develop its work with smallholder farmers.

The charity endeavours to: increase incomes for farming families, build resilience to climate change and improve the yields of farmers.

Katie Messick Maddox, Business Development & Investments Manager at CPF, said:

When we looked around at the saturated fundraising market, we felt that there’s not much chance for a small charity struggling to be noticed in this environment.

Rather than wanting to resort to the same old tactics, we at CPF want to set ourselves out from the crowd.”


So far, so good

Within the first three days of the campaign, over 320 people – from Peru to India – donated 700k followers, and it is predicted to grow bigger.

Inventor of the hashtag Chris Messina and charity Restless Development have already shown their support for the campaign.

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