Atomic London fuses TV, print and digital for Cancer Research UK campaign

The new campaign asks people to consider leaving a gift to the charity in their will, focussing on the power that a simple signature can have.

| 18th Sep 15

Cancer Research UK’s new campaign asks people to consider leaving a gift to the charity in their will, focussing on the power that a simple signature can have. Created by independent creative agency Atomic London, it is a fully integrated campaign that combines TV, print and digital ads.


Documentary style

The TV part of the campaign, which has been shot in a documentary style, includes real scientists and cancer survivors, as well as the charity’s research lab at Imperial College London. It aims to illustrate the real benefits of leaving a gift in your will and builds on the ‘Write an End to Cancer idea that the agency put together for Cancer Research UK last year.

As well as print advertisements in national newspapers, the campaign will also feature digital banner ads and Facebook promotion, and a direct marketing push early next year.

Holly Eggleston, Senior Legacy Marketing Manager at Cancer Research UK said: “Atomic has created a highly emotive and response-driving ad, showing people the possibilities that leaving a gift in their will can lead to – breakthroughs in research, better treatment and ultimately ensuring that future generations won’t fear cancer the way we do.”


Q&A with executive creator director, Atomic London

To find out more about the campaign, we spoke with the founding partner and executive creative director at Atomic London, Guy Bradbury.

With this campaign we wanted to inspire people to think about the power of their own signature – showing how the simple act of leaving a gift can have real, authentic and lasting benefits for generations to come.”


Why does the campaign use a mixture of print, digital and TV ads?

Quite simply Cancer Research UK wants to reach as many people from as many different walks of life as possible, communicating the message that a simple signature can save lives. People consume a variety of different media throughout the average day, so by using print, digital and TV ads we’re able to reach them multiple times with a consistent message.


Is the approach towards each different type of ad different?

Again, we’ve gone for a consistent approach in our advertising – cancer is something that can affect anyone, regardless of age, gender or social standing, so there is no need to tailor the ad for specific audiences. That said, a static poster is a very different medium to a TV ad, so there are slight changes to elicit the emotional response we’re looking for from the audience.


What is the main aim of the digital ads?

Like the TV and print ads, the digital executions demonstrate the huge potential of leaving a gift in your will, building on the ‘Write an End to Cancer’ concept that Atomic created for Cancer Research UK last year.

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