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Google to match users’ donations towards refugee crisis for ‘double the impact’

In response to the ongoing refugee and migrant crisis, Google has donated €1m to organisations offering humanitarian relief and is encouraging its users to make a donation. To double the impact of each contribution, Google is matching the first €5m in donations, until – together – €10m is raised for relief efforts.


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1:1 matching to provide emergency relief

Each donation will go to Network for Good – an industry leader in donor advised funds – before then being split evenly between four non-profits currently working hard to help refugees and migrants. These organisations are: Doctors Without Borders, International Rescue Committee, Save the Children and United National High Commissioner for Refugees.

Google has chosen to direct its support to these four nonprofits “because of their strong track record and existing response”.

These organisations are helping provide shelter, food, water, medical care and much more to those in need.

The funding will be used to provide emergency relief to refugees and migrants and Google will “cover all processing fees” so that 100 per cent of donation goes to “where it is needed most”.


Making it easy for Google users to donate

Europe, the Middle East and Northern Africa are facing the world’s biggest refugee and migrant crisis since the Second World War.

In response to the question “Why is Google doing this”, the technology giant explained that, when faced with a crisis such as this, “we all want to do something to help”.

It said: “We’ve identified organizations doing outstanding work on the frontlines and want to make it easy for our users to donate and support their efforts. We’re matching donations (up to $5 million in user donations) to inspire greater giving.”


No Google account?

If you don’t have a Google Account, you can still donate directly through the nonprofits’ sites: Doctors Without BordersInternational Rescue CommitteeSave the Children and UNHCR. Google will not, however, be able to match your donation.

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