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Total-Apps introduces platform allowing nonprofits to receive donations directly via Facebook videos

Payment processor Total-Apps has launched Video Checkout – a new technology enabling non-profits and political organisations to receive donations directly through the videos they share on Facebook.


Gap in the market

With over four billion videos streamed every year on Facebook, there is plenty of opportunity for organisations to use their online videos for fundraising purposes.

Video Checkout is the first interactive video platform that embeds a secure payment form into any video posted and shared via Facebook.

Through it, any group or political figure will be able to add an interactive element to their Facebook video to accept donattions directly in the Facebook newsfeed. Viewers will be able to make a contribution without exiting the social networking site.

According to Total-Apps, studies show that fundraising with videos are 41 per cent more likely to reach their fundraising goals than campaigns without video.


Unlocking potential

Video Checkout for Facebook will remove the friction that tends to occur when users click to another web page in order to make a donation.

Rey Pasinli, Total-Apps Executive Director, said: “As a company, we’ve made a long-term commitment to helping charitable organizations meet their fundraising goals through the effective management of their merchant accounts.

“By offering this new Facebook video service, we can give charities the opportunity to really unlock the donation potential of their social media networks.”

According to the National Center for Charitable Statistics, over  1.5 million nonprofit organisations are registered in the United States. Recent studies show that more than 92 per cent of those use Facebook to promote their cause.


How does it work?

In order to use the new technology, campaign managers must:

  • Upload a video to their Total-Apps back office
  • Enter the donation increments they desire
  • Post the video to their Facebook account by clicking a “Share on Facebook” button
  • A confirmation window allows the campaign manager to enter an additional post message before the video is placed in the organization’s Facebook news feed.

The Video Checkout will also be available for NationBuilder’s network of activists, non-profits and politicians. NationBuilder “powers the community approach to fundraising through a comprehensive toolset”. Video Checkout for Facebook will “integrate into its platform” to help the efforts of the “nearly 14 million community interactions it powers”.

“Video Checkout for Facebook is free for 60 days, including free processing (up to $10,000/month). After the trial, the service is $49.95/month with 13.49% + $.35 per transaction.”


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