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World Animal Protection comissions powerful animated film

Animal welfare charity World Animal Protection commissionedvisual storytelling studio Nucco Brain to create an animation to help bring the plight of elephants in the entertainment industry to life.

The animation tells the story of the suffering of Asian elephants as they are taken from the wild and cruelly trained for a lifetime in entertainment, a practice that is spreading through Africa.

“With this animation we can educate and open up the public’s eyes to the cruelty behind elephant riding, and inspire them to be a part of the solution by joining the World Animal Protection wildlife movement” said Collette Collins, Deputy Director of Communications at World Animal Protection. “We chose to tell our story through an animation to convey this complex issue in a simple way. We know that people don’t know about the suffering of elephants in entertainment, so we needed a creative way of getting our message across.”

Pedro Allevato, Director at Nucco Brain added: “The theatrical film is created in a style which makes use of watercolour textures and a stylized aesthetic approach that allowed us to be extremely expressive with this story.”

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