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Rae Morris releases single with powerful video for CoppaFeel! charity

Singer-songwriter Rae Morris has dedicated her single “Don’t Go” to the breast cancer charity CoppaFeel!, with the powerful music video taking a viewer through the journey of a teacher and her girlfriend dealing with a breast cancer diagnoses.

The video depicts two very different stories – one scenario where the woman finds the lump at the start of the video, and the other where she discovers it later on.

It finishes with the message: “Don’t leave it to chance”, adding “knowing your boobs could save your life”.

The charity said on its website: “We don’t want to give too much away – you really should just watch it – but the message is simple: knowing your boobs could save your life. We want everyone to live long and happy lives, which means no-one should be leaving their health to chance.

“Now, go and watch the video, laugh, cry, and most importantly, check your boobs!

The track is available to purchase on iTunes, with 30p from each download of the single going to the charity and supporting its life-saving work.


Morris is already part of CoppaFeel!’s Digital Boob Team, alongside blogger Fleur De Force, chef and writer Anna Jones, YouTubers Lucy and Lydia and author and actress Giovanna Fletcher.

The charity was founded by Kris Hallenga in 2009 following her own breast cancer diagnoses at 23 years old.


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