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Refugee crisis – how charities are responding online

As the refugee crisis in Europe continues to intensify, many charities are using their online presence and social media channels to raise awareness of the situation and communicate what they can do to help.

Below is a quick look at what some organisations are doing online to support the hundreds of thousands of people that are attempting to escape violence and find refuge.


British Red Cross

The Red Cross is currently providing emergency aid, such as medical care, food and blankets, to families who are in desperate need of help.
Through its website, the charity is encouraging donations for their Europe refugee crisis appeal, pleading with the public to give what they can right now.

The organisation has also now launched an urgent appeal for the crisis.

Head of emergencies for the Red Cross, Ben Webster, said: “People are arriving in Europe with very little – some only a family photo and the clothes they left in,” adding: “We urgently need supplies such as food, water, nappies and hygiene kits, as well as emergency medical treatment. Your support can make a huge difference.”

On Twitter, the British Red Cross is using the hashtag #RefugeeCrisis to join the online conversation about what can be done to help refugees in need.

Save the Children

Save the Children has responded to the child refugee crisis by creating a call for urgent EU action and for Britain to take its fair share of refugees. You can sign the online form here.

The charity has stated on its website: “If you believe Europe should be better than this and that Britain needs to step up – please add your name to our call for urgent action”.

Save the Children UK has also used social media to encourage its followers to share the message that “it’s time to make #RefugeesWelcome”.

Refugee Action

Refugee Action, a charity that “stands up for people who’ve fled persecution, violence and harassment” has created an online petition to tell the government that it must protect refugees by:

“Increasing resettlement places for people forced to flee”

“Tackling the root causes of the refugee crisis through diplomacy and aid”


Oxfam has already reached over one million people with food, water and shelter; however, the charity has said that, “as the scale of this emergency is huge”, it still desperately needs the public’s help to support families forced from their homes by conflict.

You can donate money to the Syria crisis appeal through the Oxfam website. The charity also has a blog offering the latest information on the Syria crisis, as well as reports on Oxfam’s work with refugees.


Best of the rest

A number of other charities have been working hard to create powerful social media campaigns, petitions and online fundraising opportunities to make a positive difference to the refugee crisis. These include:


Amnesty International


World Vision

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