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Lumos releases video narrated by founder J.K Rowling

The NGO Lumos has released a new animated film narrated by its founder, author J.K Rowling.

The three-minute film is part of the organisation’s goal to raise international awareness of the “plight of children living away from their families, in orphanages”.

Entitled “Children Need Families Not Orphanages”, the film features Rowling talking about why children need families to grow and thrive. It has been designed to “build political and public will for ending the use of orphanages and institutions for children globally by 2050 by helping governments and non-profits create and sustain community-based services that support vulnerable families to stay together”.

The film is set to be distributed to thought leaders, policymakers, the media and advocates.

According to Lumos, the animation draws on decades of research demonstrating that being raised in big and impersonal institutions leaves children without “loving, sustained adult engagement”, and “impairs child development”.

The release of the animated film has coincided with the relaunch of Let’s Talk Lumos, an interactive digital platform helping supporters learn more about Lumos’ work and its mission.

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