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Release introduces new stop and search app

The drugs law charity Release is introducing a new Y-Stop app, allowing people to report or complain about a stop and search. Y-Stop is a project run by the charity in partnership with StopWatch.

The new app, which has been developed with the team behind the Stop & Frisk Watch app in New York a few years ago, allows people to monitor how stop and search is conducted (either for themselves or someone else).

How does it work?

Once you have been stopped, you can mark the occurrence on a GPS map, allowing Release to record the data and look into the circumstances surrounding stop and search culture.

Furthermore, if you’re unhappy with the incident, you can use the app to directly complain to your local police force. The report will be cc’d to Release.

To summarise, the app lets you:

  • “Report your stop and search experiences or ones you witness”
  • “Record video/audio of the police interactions and send it to Y-Stop”
  • “Connect with lawyers and experts for support”
  • “Make a complaint directly to police”
  • “Know what your rights are to keep you safe”

For a tutorial video on how the app works, click here.

The app is currently available for Android users, and will be arriving for iOS very soon.

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