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The Big Issue Foundation teams up with PowaTag to enable instant donations

The Big Issue Foundation, an independent charity for those who are homeless, can now receive mobile donations from its customers using the PowaTag app.

Created by Powa Technologies, the new app enables people to donate using their smartphone during the charity’s fundraising drive.

The charity’s current appeal concentrates on the indispensable work carried out by its Service Brokers, who work alongside Big Issue Vendors to help them rebuild their lives.

The app, which is available from the iTunes and Google Play stores, works by scanning a PowaTag code either in the Big Issue Magazine, on its website, through Direct Mail or email.

In 2014, the number of people sleeping on the street reached 2,744.

Dan Wagner, CEO and Founder of Powa Technologies, said: “Thousands of people are homeless in the UK and the charity does an amazing job helping vulnerable people off the streets.

The PowaTag technology has huge potential to help people support the vital work of charities like the Big Issue Foundation. The technology has already demonstrated its ability to make a difference by helping Christian Aid to launch the world’s first interactive TV campaign earlier in May – raising thousands of pounds in the process.

Sixty-six per cent of adults in the UK now own a smartphone[1]  and PowaTag gives charities a new and innovative way to connect to these millions of people. Many people often feel an urge to donate when they see a heart-warming advert and PowaTag gives potential donors a quick and easy solution to act on this impulse. Facilitating this impulse to donate, and providing the freedom to give as much as you like, can be the difference between acquiring a new donor and not.”

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