Facebook an increasingly powerful tool for charities and nonprofits?

According to research by analytics firm Parse.ly, Facebook has replaced Google as the chief source for news traffic online.

| 20th Aug 15
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According to research by analytics firm Parse.ly,  Facebook has replaced Google as the chief source for news traffic online.

The new data emphasises the growing power that social media has for charities and nonprofits to connect with the public and communicate their message online.

A number of organisations have already acknowledged the importance of social networking sites such as Facebook for driving traffic.

Anil Arora and Carol Naylor, from Macmillan’s social media team, said in their introduction to using social media at work: “People in the UK visit social networking sites more often than they use search engines. The social media audience is active, hungry for information and eager to connect with others.”

Despite this, recent research shows that there are still a number of charity trustee boards still do not place social media high on their priority list.

Parse.ly’s chief technical officer Andrew Montalent said:There’s a lot of effort among media companies being placed on specific social channels like Twitter, but our data shows that Twitter is basically a distant traffic source.

That’s unfortunate because Facebook is a lot less transparent around things like how the algorithm functions. There’s a lot more useful data from Twitter about their content, but FB is more like a black box in terms of how it operates. And yet it’s this huge and growing traffic source.”


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