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Dogs Trust creates comical video for #GetADog campaign

The Dogs Trust has released a comical video encouraging families to  “start making technology-free memories this summer” by adopting a dog.

According to a survey carried out by the Dogs Trust, parents “cite the family dog as a distraction for children that are ordinarily glued to tech” and 42 per cent claim that the family do more exercise as a result of their pet dog.

The charity teamed up with the BAFTA award-winning creative agency Don’t Panic to create the video, which is part of its ‘Get A Dog’ campaign.

Adrian Burder, Dogs Trust Chief Executive, said: “The summer holidays are a fantastic time to introduce a new dog to your family because the kids are around to enjoy those special first months together. It’s time to put down the iPad and walk away from the Xbox and… get a dog. Dogs Trust has 20 Rehoming Centres across the UK, full of rescue dogs ready and waiting to start making memories with you and your family.

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