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20-year-old’s WakeOrDonate app set to launch

Founded by Ronan Finnegan, WakeOrDonate is a pioneering iOS alarm clock application that donates a user’s money to charity each time they press the snooze button. The iPhone app will launch publicly on Monday 17th August.

The 20-year-old from Marshfield has been developing the app for the past two years, and the journey has not always been straightforward.

In January 2014, Finnegan crowd-funded the idea on SellanApp and managed to raise $6,794. With this money he was able to work alongside the SDAI Online Development and have the app made. It was built and reviewed by Apple in July 2014.

However, just as the app was ready to launch SellAnApp fell bankrupt and the app was pulled. Luckily, at this time he was nominated for TalkTalk’s Digital Fundraising Hero award, which he won.

WakeOrDonate generates a monetary consequence for pressing the snooze button; the donation value is customisable from 50p to £10.

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