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Why reaching Millennial donors via email is still so important

Millennials are more likely to give through email than any other common fundraising channel, according to the Millennial Impact Project.

The project’s research shows that reading e mails is the “number one action taken by Millennials for a nonprofit via their smartphone” and over 65 per cent of this age group receive email or e-newsletter from 1-5 nonprofits.

Derrick Feldmann, president of creative research agencyAchieve, recently offered some guidance on how to reach Millennial donors via email. According to his blog post for NTEN.org, you should:

  1. Make sure your email includes compelling content that makes a recipient want to read on: “This means personalization…, pre-header text and a one-line reason why the narrative of the story applies to the reader draws inspires them to read more.”
  2. Remember that, just because an individual doesn’t react to your email, it doesn’t mean that they are not interested: “It takes ongoing communication and involvement in the story to get a reaction...”
  3. Use successive emails to create a bigger narrative: “Choose your story or issue and use each email to highlight an aspect of the bigger picture.”


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