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Windows 10 becomes available for nonprofits

On July 29th Windows 10 became available for nonprofits worldwide. Microsoft announced that users can obtain the free upgrade, regardless of what version of Windows they are currently running.

The personal computer operating system has been built for “those who do”; in other words, non-profits who aim to better the world.

Be it “creating opportunities for youth, saving the environment, fighting hunger, or inspiring the creation of new technology”, Windows 10 has been designed to help charities and social enterprises do good things for the wider community.

Described as a “reimagining of Windows”, Windows 10 is reportedly easy to use and provides features intended to make everyday tasks simpler.

You can read more about Microsoft’s partnering with nonprofits to #UpgradeYourWorld here.

Matt Moorut, marketing executive at Tech Trust, explains the implications of Microsoft’s plans to offer Windows 10 as a free-of-charge upgrade on devices running Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows Phone.

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  • Ian Byrne

    Does “regardless of what version of Windows they are currently running” apply to Windows XP? As a charity with limited hardware budgets, we still have a few laptops or netbooks that run XP. (It was still being sold on new lower powered kit about 5 or 6 years ago.) And is there any chance that one of these lower powered laptops might actually be able to run Windows 10?

  • GAry Tory

    Where are my email addresses on windows 10?