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App lets restaurant-goers jump the queue in return for donation

The waitlist management app SmartLine has introduced a new feature, CharityWait, that lets users donate to charity to get to the front of the queue whilst waiting to be seated at a restaurant.

When guests arrive at the restaurant, they are added to the SmartLine waitlist and receive a text message giving them the opportunity to be seated sooner by making a donation to a charity of the restaurant’s choice.

The first customers to accept this offer are asked to make a payment before being notified that they will be seated at the next free table. This “Donate and Skip the Wait” option has been described as an “innovative way for restaurants and their guests to collectively generate awareness and support for work done by non-profit organizations in their communities and around the world.

According to The Guardian, SmartLine has said that this new feature works on a first come first served basis and a number of tables are reserved for those diners who wish to donate.

Uniting restaurants and charities, CharityWait currently only works with restaurants in the US. According to SmartLine, 60 per cent of the transaction goes directly to your selected charity partner and a portion to the app for operating this technology.

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