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Scope forms digital technology partnership with Virgin Media

Disability charity Scope has partnered with Virgin Media to use digital technologies in different ways, with the broadband provider also offering a £1 million charitable contribution.

The two organisations have been working together for two years, raising over £500,000 to support the charity’s efforts.

The donation made by Virgin Media will be split over two years.

Under the agreement, Scope will engage with Virgin Media’s employees and a range of customers for the next two years, whilst Virgin will support the efforts of the charity to use digital technology to improve digital inclusion and change attitudes to disability.

Specifically, the partnership will focus on providing disabled people with new technologies to make them more independent, connect families of disabled with others and support Scope’s current End the Awkward campaign to remove the stigma surrounding disability.

Tamsin Baxter, head of philanthropy and corporate partnerships at Scope, said: “For the 11 million disabled people in the UK, technology can be transformational; providing a voice, enabling people to live independently and unlocking access to education and work.

Everyone at Scope is hugely excited about this two-year partnership with Virgin Media and its potential to transform the lives of thousands of disabled people.”

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