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SUDEP Action launches epilepsy-monitoring app

UK charity SUDEP Action has launched an app that allows people with epilepsy to monitor their condition between doctor visits.

The Epilepsy Self Monitor, also known as EpSMon, was developed by clinicians, patients and health technology information professionals from Plymouth University, Cornwall Partnership NHS Foundations Trust, Royal Cornwall Hospital Trust and SUDEP Action.

The app lets people who experience epileptic seizures assess their risk every three months, by answering a series of questions about their last doctor appointment, the medication they’re taking, the nature of their epilepsy, and their seizures.

It advises the user to see their doctor if they are at increased risk, and suggests ways of reducing risk.

The app saves the information entered so users can show their doctor.

About 600,000 people in the UK live with epilepsy. The condition accounts for 1,200 deaths a year – according to SUDEP Action, research shows that about 42 per cent of deaths may be preventable through better management of known risk factors.

SUDEP Action works to provide information about Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy (SUDEP), sponsors research and education to prevent future deaths, and offers support to bereaved families.

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