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Limbcare allows mobile payments for donations

UK charity Limbcare, which support amputees and their families, has partnered with the mobile payments system Onescan to provide a new revenue stream for the charity.

Limbcare is the first charity to sign up to the platform and will allow users to donate to the charity using their smartphones.

Campaign materials and the Limbcare website will feature ‘Onescan Padlocks’ a secure code similar to QR code, which can be scanned using a smartphone to facilitate donations.

To donate users download the Onescan app and enter their personal information on the initial donation and can make repeated donations thereafter without having to re-enter information.

Users can determine the exact donation levels and are informed via email once it has been received.

Onescan is great for us. We know that people need to find it easy to donate – if we’ve spoken to them, at an event for example, they want to donate there and then – not have to remember to do it when they get home,” said Ray Edwards, founder of Limbcare.

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  • Lindsay Butler

    “they want to donate there and then” Not sure having to download an app and fill in a form is going to achieve that. Why not just use SMS donations? The easiest (and free via justgiving & Vodafone) way to donate via mobile.