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Charity launches social network for visually impaired

Action for Blind People has launched a new social media site to allow the visually impaired to share ideas, experiences and tips for coping with their condition.

The charity has said it hopes that the Action Connect site will help transform the lives of those suffering with sight problems.

Noel Hemmings, a technology co-ordinator at the charity’s Middlesbrough branch, said: “On the internet, often all you can do is Google your condition, but the actual personal stories about the barriers you begin to face as your sight goes and the way you get through it are not there.”

Shortly after registering for the site, Hemmings said he received questions from  parents of children that had developed the same sight condition. He was able to offer support and advice on how to best manage the issue of sight loss in everyday life.

He said: “I was able to answer a lot of questions and explain how I did things when my sight started deteriorating.

Through the site, you get to share your experiences and turn a negative thing that’s happened to you into a positive thing.”

You read people’s stories online and see them asking for help and gradually, you see that they are becoming more confident and offering advice to others themselves.”

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