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Wikipedia founder launches charitable mobile service

Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales launched The People’s Operator, a mobile service that allows subscribers to donate 10 per cent of their phone bill to charity, in the US yesterday.

The People’s Operator donates 25 per cent of its profits to charity, and is aimed at raising “billions” for good causes. Wales serves as co-chair at the company.

He also launched the TPO Community – an ad-free social network that lets users set up a cause and raise donations, and will also serve to promote the mobile service.

The platform, which has been privately tested by users in the UK, is working with partners including WaterAid, the British Heart Foundation, NSPCC, and Emerge Poverty Free.

“There are a lot of these donation platforms out there, but they charge really high commissions. Sometimes they charge up to eight per cent. This platform is commission-free,” Wales told Vanity Fair.

“From a business perspective, it’s just a great way to build a relationship with the consumer, and for the causes, it’s a great deal for them, because they’re really looking for ways to make sure that when people donate money, as much of the money as possible gets to them.”

The People’s Operator has existed in the UK since 2012. It offers both pay as you go and monthly deals, in packages that cost from £4.99 to £19.99 a month.

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