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War Child launches HELP campaign with #DutyOfCare video

War Child has launched its HELP campaign, to raise awareness of children caught up in conflicts around the world, with a video inspired by the popular computer game franchise ‘Call of Duty’.

The video takes the viewer around a Middle East conflict zone with the feel of a first person shooter videogame from the perspective of a young girl.

War Child claims that although children make up over half the population affected by global conflict, under 3% of humanitarian funding is directly spent on them and their protection.

The HELP campaign is being launched ahead of next year’s World Humanitarian Summit, set to be hosted in Istanbul, to bring together charities, governments and individuals affected by humanitarian crises.

In humanitarian emergencies, tangible forms of aid take precedence over protection and education, which are chronically underfunded,” War Child UK’s chief executive Rob Williams said.

The truth is, whilst food, water and shelter are daily necessities, they do not keep a child in war safe from harm,” he added.

According to the UN children’s agency, over 15 million children were caught up in conflicts across the Middle East, Ukraine and Africa, whilst UNICEF claims that around 230 million children are currently living in areas of conflict.

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