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DM Thomas Foundation boosts fundraising efforts with mobile game

The DM Thomas Foundation for Young People, formerly known as Hilton in the Community Foundation, has bolstered its Ducks for Change campaign by launching a free mobile app game.

Ducks for Change: River Dash is based on the charity’s popular Ducks for Change range of novelty rubber ducks that are sold in hotels across Europe.

The ducks come in a variety of themes including emergency services, fairytale characters and festival-goers, and are sold in packs of three for £5 or €6 with at least £1 or €1 from each set donated to charitable causes. So far, more than 170,000 sets of ducks have been sold.

Proceeds go towards the foundation’s efforts to help disadvantaged children and young people.

Simon Sheehan, director of the DM Thomas Foundation, said: “When we launched the first set of ducks in 2010, we had no idea just how popular they would become!

“Five years later, we have created a wide range of different ducks and sold thousands of boxes around Europe. We knew it was time for the ducks to take the next step, and a mobile game that would allow our duck fans to interact with their favourite characters seemed like the perfect choice.”

Ducks for Change: River Dash can be downloaded on the Google Play store and the iTunes App Store.

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