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PayPal Giving partnership raises £28,000 for small charities

The partnership between the Foundation for Social Improvement and PayPal Giving raised over £28,000 for a variety of small charities across the UK during Small Charity Week.

The Small Charity Week eBay Auction also raised over £12,000 for over 30 small charities from selling items online.

The auction was supported by the PayPal Giving Fund, which pledged to match the funds raised by the two highest selling auction items.

In addition, small charities could have a fundraising message featured on eBay’s checkout area with the five charities selected from 100 entries raising over £15,000.

Pauline Broomhead, chief executive of the FSI, said: “There are many valuable digital channels to support charities to raise funds, however small charities often struggle to find the time and resource to make the most of these initiatives.

We are delighted to be working with eBay for Charity and PayPal Giving Fund once again to help make online fundraising easier.”

Ria Broad, head of marketing and operations, PayPal Giving Fund, said: “This year’s eBay auction was a great success and shows how any charity, large or small, can reach a wider audience online.

We hope that the auction and eBay checkout competition will boost awareness of the charities involved, and encourage more small charities to use eBay for Charity in the future”.

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