Four tips to boost the number of retweets for your charity

Retweets on Twitter can significantly boost engagement and reach of your charity’s message. Here are four top tips that could help your tweets get shared more frequently.

| 17th Jul 15

Getting your tweets noticed by people outside of your ‘following’ is crucial in spreading the message of a campaign, call for action or some engaging content to attract new followers on Twitter.

Retweets of messages are likely to be seen by more and more people as they enter networks and groups that your non-profit may not have access to otherwise.

Here are four top tips that could help your tweets get shared more frequently:

  1. Getting the right length – according to research, tweets in the range of 100-115 characters are a third more likely to be shared than those shorter or longer. So don’t feel the need to cram all 140 characters into a message, but equally whilst a short punchy tweet may be required it might not gain as much attention from followers.
  2. Use hashtags – tweets containing hashtags are over 50% more likely to be retweeted than those without. However, finding a balance is key, too few and the tweet is less likely to be seen by those outside your following, but too many can be seen as unnecessary, spammy or tacky. When it comes to hashtags, quality over quantity is king.
  3. Tweeting images – the use of ‘TwitPics’ or images posted to Twitter via are reportedly twice as likely to be retweeted compared to images from sites such as Instagram or Facebook. Engaging images are sure to attract and engage follower so use them to reinforce a message or campaign, or even just sharing some of the work your charity is doing.
  4. Ask for retweets – asking people to retweet your messages often works, but be sure to use it effectively so that people do not get turned off by constant requests to share tweets. If appropriate, posing a question with ‘retweet for x’ and ‘favourite for y’ can help boost engagement.