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Partnership launches ‘Collaborate’ for charities to target the best donors

Epsilon Abacus and Medialab have partnered to launch a new modelling system to allow charities to target their potentially most responsive donors using actual transactional spend across over 500 brands.

The ‘Collaborate’ solution relies on data provided by the Abacus Alliance to produce a large volume of modelled names for charity donor acquisition and support retention campaigns. Utilising the data pool the solution uses an average of 30 transactions per household within the last five years to determine if a person is a good prospect for charity appeals.

The ‘Collaborate’ system should allow charities to identify new donors who do not appear on their existing charity lists.

The system is in accordance with Data Protection laws in the UK and unique names from a charity’s supporters’ database are not revealed with details only shared if other sources have added their information to the database.

Lara Bonney, UK country director for Epsilon Abacus, said: “We are confident that the combination of an unrivalled source of UK consumer data, experience of delivering high performance solutions to UK cataloguers for over 17 years plus Medialab’s in-depth knowledge on the uniqueness of the UK charity market will make Collaborate a valuable new way of engaging with donors for long term success.”

Alex Kirk, joint managing director at Medialab said: “Fundraisers are under increasing pressure to ensure they get their promotional activity right and Collaborate will help increase their knowledge of what their supporters want but also open up a fresh avenue of prospects.”

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