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Doctors of the World launches #MakeAChildCry campaign

Doctors of the World has launched its #MakeAChildCry campaign, calling for donations and raising awareness of a lack of medical care for young children around the world.

Children often cry at the doctor’s. Big needles and mask-wearing medics are scary. But what’s more scary is that a child dies every seven seconds from lack of care,” Doctors of the World said when unveiling the hard-hitting campaign.

The charity estimates that four million children under give die each year from conditions that are easily preventable through simple treatment or vaccines. Children also account for nearly half of refugees globally and over 230 million children are currently affected by war or political crisis.

Humanitarianism involves hard choices but making children cry when we treat them is not a hard choice,” says Dr Chris Van Tulleken, infectious diseases expert, TV presenter and DOTW trustee.

In fact it may be the easiest decisions that an aid worker makes…and one of the most important.”

The charity is focusing on helping deliver care and medical treatment to the world’s most vulnerable children at a time of global economic strain with 27 million children at risk of poverty or social exclusion in Europe.

As healthcare budgets become increasingly squeezed globally children are the biggest losers,” says Leigh Daynes, executive director of Doctors of the World UK.

That’s why this campaign is so timely, as any donations could enable us to reach thousands of excluded children with essential healthcare.”

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