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4 tips to help identify your charity’s social media audience

Everyone knows that social media is crucial in engaging with potential donors and supporters, to let them know what your organisation is doing, when extra donations are needed and relay some of success stories.

But as ‘social media’ is such an all-encompassing term it can be hard to know which platform is best to use to engage with your audience.

It is said that up to three-quarters of adults who are online actively use some form of social media, so identifying your audience and the best methods to interact with them is key.

Here are four top tips when considering social media for your charity:

  1. Choosing the right channel: each social media platform has its own niches and uses. Facebook can be great for sharing a longer post which isn’t possible within the character restriction of Twitter, use Instagram or Pintrest to share photos and images that your audience can engage with.
  2. Don’t necessarily believe the myths: there are stereotypes as to the demographics for various social networks but they don’t always hold true. Facebook has a stereotypically young audience but the number of older people joining is steadily increasing, Twitter is almost universal and Linkedin isn’t just for ‘white-collar’ professionals.
  3. What would your audience think? Before drafting let alone posting anything on social media think how and why your audience is using that network, tailor the post to that particular network and consider what information they will take in to maximise engagement.
  4. Consider ‘buyer personas’: even if your non-profit isn’t selling anything the principles still apply to information or drawing attention to your latest campaign. Find your ideal or most prevalent supporter groups in terms of age and demographics so that you know who exactly you want and are interacting with.

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