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App linking business travellers with charities triumphs at ‘hackathon’

Travita’s app linking business travellers to local charities at their destination has won a travel hackathon in London.

Over 150 participants from across 18 countries took part in the all-day challenge to create new technology and apps for global travel.

A prize fund of £10,000 was awarded to Travita for its app that allows business travellers with space baggage capacity to co-ordinate with small charities around the globe.

Using the app, travellers are able to view the items that charities in the vicinity of their destination require and they can choose to take these items with them and leave them at a deposit point for the charities at an airport.

The team behind the app said: “There is a real gap for a service like this in the market”.

We chose Travita as our overall winner because it displayed the most unique use of technology that can provide a new way for frequent travellers to give back to the community,” said Greg Webb, one of five judges of the hackathon.

It’s something we’ve never seen before and something we believe will go a long way.”

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