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National Funding Scheme extends mobile donation platform

The National Funding Scheme, which created and manages the mobile giving platform DONATE, has announced that the service is to be extended to all charitable organisations in the UK.

As of the 1st July, the DONATE platform is open to all charities having originally been launched specifically for the arts sector in 2013.

The NFS has already partnered with over 350 arts charities to help them raise new funds.

Seamus Keating, chair of the NFS said: “We are hugely fortunate that, the Charity Commission granted us the ability to work outside the sector we launched in and provide DONATE to any organisation that has ‘charitable purpose’.

We are delighted that our technologies, which help charities maximize opportunities to capture immediate donations will now be made available to all kinds of organisations from schools, to church groups, hospitals, voluntary organisations and football teams.

This means that any organisation with a charitable purpose can use DONATE to fundraise even if they are not recognised as a registered charity or exempt charity.”

The NFS has said that it is focusing on creating a ‘mobile-led fundraising in a box solution’ for small and medium sized charities in light of recent research that shows more transactions are made by non-cash format rather than cash.

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