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Indiegogo Greek bailout campaign passes £1 million mark

A crowdfunding campaign set up on the Indiegogo platform has passed the £1 million landmark as it attempts to raise over £1 billion to alleviate Greek debt.

Over 80,000 people have donated to the Greek Bailout Fund, which was launched on Sunday by Thom Feeney, a 29 year-old show shop worker from London.

The crowdfunding project is aiming to raise the €1.6 billion (£1.13 billion) to help pay off Greece’s debt to the IMF.

It has been so popular that the Indiegogo website has crashed at least twice in the past four days as donations surged; Indiegogo tweeted that it was “experiencing connectivity issues due to overwhelming worldwide interest” in the campaign.

Feeney said that he set up the campaign after contemplating Greece’s economic crisis at the dinner table and that he was “fed up” with “dithering politicians”.

This isn’t just about Greece, but about the Greek people, the working classes and trying to help other ordinary people across the world,” the Indiegogo campaign page explains.

Feeney has claimed that a donation of around €3 from every EU citizen will be sufficient to meet the target.

The beauty of the internet and social media means that a campaign like this can become possible by word-of-mouth and people all across the world can get involved very quickly.

The chance to use a crowdfunding site for social good is really exciting and I hope that others will follow my lead in future and start or get behind projects like this,” he said.

It seems unlikely that the campaign will reach its overall target and Feeney has pledged to refund the money in the event that the project fails.

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  • zoplay

    I fear it will be the Greek people who will be sorely disappointed that after telling their creditors, they won’t pay creditors refusing to lend saving bank property any more.

    Adam Harry