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‘Ethical search engine’ hopes to generate £200 million per year for UK charities by 2017

Storm Technologies has launched an ‘ethical search engine’ which is hoped to raise in excess of £200 million per year for UK charities by 2017.

The new Storm search engine allows users to donate to charity by shopping with retailers that are associated with the platform.

When a customer makes a purchase from partners, such as Waitrose, Virgin, Sports Direct and Boots, Storm makes a donation from its commission to a charity of the customer’s choosing, according to a company spokesperson.

Customers will pay the same price for goods as they would on the retailers’ own websites directly but will identify partnered organisations with a “Give” icon beside their company’s search listings.

Storm is projecting 10 million users for the service in the next three years, with each customer raising £20 for charity per year on average.

Kevin Taylor, chief executive of Storm, said: “By sharing our revenues with charity partners, we’re building an ethical search engine that offers a real alternative for consumers, whilst also generating millions of pounds for UK charities.”

At present there is only one charitable partner, the children’s charity WellChild but Storm is calling for others to register to the scheme free of charge.

Storm expects to announce a number of charities and other organisations as collaborating on the service.

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  • Seriously? Surely anyone with a vague grasp of online sales and a calculator can work out that this is never going to happen in a million years. If they raise even a quarter of that for charity by 2020, I will do a Paddy Ashdown and eat my hat. Come on, CDN, I know it is July and real news is scarce but still…

  • Kristen1984

    what a load of drivel

  • Susan Walton

    So what differentiates this from the well-established easyfundraising?