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App launched to manage charities’ records of the deceased

Mortascreen, which manages the records of the deceased for charities and retailers, has launched an app on Salesforce to improve the way in which third sector organisations manage the deceased on their mailing lists.

The app, which will supress the charity’s contact details and records for those who are deceased, is in a beta testing phase and can be downloaded from Salesforce’s app platform, AppExchange.

Mortascreen is inviting charities which are interested in the project to test the application for free.

It is hoped that the app can stop charities sending mailings to the deceased or their immediate family and prevent insensitive communications.

Following the testing phase, charities will be able to download the app and match their data against the file for free; there will however be a cost to flag the record on the company’s own database.

It includes an integrated automatic schedule option, so that charities can run the application periodically to ensure that their databases are always kept up to date.

Karen Pritchard, product director, of Wilmington Millennium which operates Mortascreen  said: “We believe that by making Mortascreen available on Salesforce we will stop even more direct mail [and email] being sent to people that have passed away, which serves as a painful reminder to those family members left behind.

Our market research shows that increasingly smaller companies and charities are turning to Salesforce to host their consumer datasets and therefore it makes perfect sense to create a suppression solution for this market.”

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