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5 tips for boosting your charity’s website

Whether your charity is big or small, a well-designed appropriate website is crucial for the success of your organisation and campaigns and could be the first thing that a potential donor will see when they find your charity online.

People online process things very quickly and spend very little time on each page, so having an immediate engagement and impact is crucial.

Check out five top considerations which could significantly boost the traffic and engagement of your non-profit’s website.

  1. Choosing an appropriate colour scheme – colours should be engaging, particularly to your target audience and convey your organisation’s message.
  2. Using images of people – people engage people, but it’s not a simple as including a stock image, consider what emotion should be expressed, do you need a single person or a group? Each situation will determine which image is best.
  3. Focus the tone and language – when users are actually reading the page make sure that it reflects the tone of your organisation and it says what is needed to be said in a manner that is appropriate and engaging.
  4. Make it personable – engage using words like “you” and “we” to include the user and increase the connection they have to a campaign. Including pictures of key members in your organisation to be featured in a video or page will help users engage and videos in particular will engage a visitor’s attention for longer than simply text.
  5. Using testimonials – using quotes or videos of people who have been affected by or who will be helped with a successful campaign could encourage visitors to donate.

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