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Mr Postman launches global letter-sending digital tool for campaigners

A new digital tool has been launched by Mr Postman Campaign for charity campaign organisers to set up global letter sending programmes.

The tool has been designed to delivery hardcopies of letters to key decision makers or high profile figures to lobby or campaign to.

The designers say that campaigners can target politicians, governmental departments or corporate executives and because it is based in a digital framework campaigns can be launched all over the world.

Users can add their own signature to letters by uploading a scan or using the touch screen of their iOS device when using the app version.

The tool is being targeted for start-up campaigns to save the expenses of establishing and maintaining a dedicated campaign website, but it can also be utilised by established groups to use the tool instead of investing in in-house letter-sending facilities.

Leo Heffler, product manager, Mr Postman Campaign, said: “In an age when MPs and big business executives are inundated by emails, which they can filter out and ignore, the physical impact of a mass-letter campaign is the most impactful alternative for making your voice heard.

The ability to get a global letter-sending campaign up-and-running in minutes is a huge draw to pressure groups and campaigners.”

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