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Top companies join Team London Skill-Up for small charities

A new programme has been launched by the Mayor of London which will see London’s top companies volunteer their time to train small charities, in a bid to plug the skills gap.

Twitter, Citi and the CIPD, have already joined Team London Skill-UP. They will share their knowledge and expertise to help small charities broaden their skill-sets and increase the impact of their services.

Mayor of London, Boris Johnson said: “With the support of volunteers from leading businesses, the Team London Skill-UP programme will support hard-working charity staff and give them access to top class learning and development opportunities.”

Chief executive of the CIPD, Peter Cheese, said: “With the vast contribution small charities make to our society, it’s important that those with limited resources are given opportunities to develop the skills and practices so crucial to an organisation’s success.”

Nick Pickles, head of UK public policy for Twitter, said: “Every day we see charities of all sizes using Twitter to champion their causes and raise awareness of a diverse range of issues. We’re excited to be supporting the Team London Skill-UP programme to share best practice with groups across London and to ensure that these organisations can play a vibrant role in the millions of conversations that happen every day on Twitter.”

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