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MND Association faces backlash over #LastSummer poster campaign

The Motor Neurone Disease Association has come under fire for its ‘Last Summer’ poster campaign which follows last year’s Ice Bucket Challenge success.

The viral Ice Bucket Challenge raised millions for the charity last summer. Its new campaign aims to raise awareness of the disease by showing real people who were diagnosed with the condition after the viral craze.

One poster in particular has been criticised; it features 33-year-old Michael, with the caption: “Last Summer I was the only person I knew who didn’t do the ice bucket challenge. Five months later I was diagnosed with motor neurone disease.”

Commenting on the negative reaction to this poster, Chris James, director of external affairs said: “[We] thought it was powerful and poignant, and Michael, and his family, were all keen to share it too with as wide an audience as possible. At no point did anyone involved in the poster campaign development think that ‘bad karma’ would be the interpretation of Michael’s poster quote. We are shocked that anyone can think that an advert would suggest you deserve a terminal illness for not doing a viral fad. It’s a fact, poignant and ironic but there was certainly no implication of ‘bad karma’ and we’ve been somewhat surprised by that initial response on social media.”

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