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St John New Zealand using smartphone app to protect workers

St John New Zealand has adopted the StaySafe smartphone app and surrounding cloud-based monitoring service in order to protect its workers when they are out on shift alone.

The app will be used to monitor the charity’s medical alarm representatives who install, test and service medical alarms in the homes of the vulnerable or elderly across New Zealand.

It will provide a GPS location service and a range of alerts to notify management if they are at any risk during home visits.

The new StaySafe app will be monitored by the team that currently control the medical alarm monitoring system.

Nick Coley, Head of Telecare at St John National Headquarters New Zealand explained: “The app and Hub itself are intuitive and easy to use with a great range of functions and alerts.

Our employees feel that we have taken some really positive steps to protect them.”

Don Cameron CEO StaySafe adds “when we first spoke with St John they were in the process of finalising their lone worker policy, and had identified lone working as one of their organization’s key risks.

We are delighted to have helped St John mitigate this risk and better meet their duty of care to their lone workers.”

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