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Charity group launches #OurHands campaign to protect domestic workers

Christian Aid, Migrant Forum Asia and global domestic workers rights organisations have partnered to launch #OurHands, a campaign across social media to raise domestic workers’ awareness about their rights.

The campaign was launched earlier this week to mark International Domestic Workers Day on June 16th, which is in its fourth year.

It is estimated that there are 53 million domestic workers around the world, many of whom are migrants and a majority are women.

The #OurHands campaign is raising awareness of the human rights abuses and exploitation that they are potentially exposed to, this is particularly the case when a visa is tied to employment, making it difficult for abused workers to exit the situation.

Agnes Matienzo of Migrant Forum Asia said: “Domestic workers are workers, just like any other worker — they deserve to have their rights respected and protected.

This exciting campaign is designed to use social media to educate and inform domestic workers around the world about their rights.

Raising awareness is a crucial step in enabling domestic workers to work together to ensure that their rights are protected and upheld.”

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