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Creating an effective social media programme for your charity (Infographic)

Use of social media is an absolute must in 2015: to maximise campaign reach, spread your organisation’s message and engage with potential donors.

But understanding the complexities of social networks and keeping up with the different audiences each platform brings can be tough.

Not enough charities have a written social media strategy so that they know who they are targeting and how, and do not have the time or capabilities to effectively analyse the data across social media to improve their strategies.

Check out this infographic and use it as an effective checklist for maximising your charity’s social media presence.


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  • GREAT article, thank you so very much! We use Social Media [Twitter, Google Plus, Facebook and LiveStream (possibly adding Instagram soon)] We use Buffer to feed content to our Twitter feed, Everypost to cross post on Twitter and GPlus [due to the way our Facebook is set up, we can not cross post to it]

    Using Buffer and Everypost, as well as having 2 “admins” [people who can post] on Twitter and Gplus, and 4 on Facebook is/has been the only strategy we have so far.

    I now plan to gather the team, and make a consistent POST Method plan for our Social Media!

    Thank you so very much!
    CYC Co-Founder/Director/Vice President