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Oxfam shoots new ad campaign to promote online store

Oxfam has created a brand new advertising campaign with an award winning photographer, allowing the charity to showcase its 100,000 online store items in a bid to increase revenue to £2.3m a year.

The charity’s online shop is considered a well-kept secret by many, but still manages to generate £2m every single year. Oxfam has now set its digital shop a target of 17 per cent growth over the coming year.

‘‘Everybody knows that we’ve got loads of high street shops but nobody really knows that we’ve got an online shop,’’ explained Fee Gilfeather, trading head of marketing for Oxfam.

One of the ways it aims to do this is through a fresh advertising campaign, shot by photographer Julia Fullerton-Batten.

The campaign was shot at Milton Point in Milton Keynes, which is one of Oxfam’s two sorting centres. The campaign features six real users of Oxfam’s online shop. The shoppers all applied to take part in the campaign and have different personal reasons for using Oxfam’s online shop.

One of the participants includes Erisa Musana, a volunteer clinical support worker originally from Uganda. Erisa goes to the Oxfam Online Shop because his purchases fight poverty.  ‘‘I’ve seen suffering,’’ he says. ‘‘By shopping at Oxfam I know I’m helping people.’’

‘‘Our research shows that people aren’t sure what an online Oxfam shop might look like, so these ads are designed to convey the abundance of great products available, and the wide range of interests and passions that our shoppers have,’’ continued Gilfeather.

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