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UK and US eBay mobile sales now have ‘Sell for Charity’ option

Apple mobile users of eBay in the UK and US are now able to offer a percentage of their auction sales to charity, following an iOS update this week.

The mobile app now includes the option to ‘Sell for Charity’, whereby sellers redirect between 10% and the entire value of the sale to a charity of their choice.

To set up the donation users will find the ‘Sell for Charity’ option at the bottom of the Preferences tab, users search for a charity of their choice to make the donation to and decide how much of the sale they wish to give.

Users that find themselves donating regularly can make use of a ‘favourites’ section to list the organisations that they offer money most frequently to.

eBay is offering those that utilise the charitable function a credit back scheme, where the company credits a portion of the basic selling fees back to the user account.

eBay explained: “For example, if you donate 50 percent of your item’s sale price to charity, we’ll give you a 50 percent credit on your basic selling fees. The fee credit will appear automatically on your first eBay invoice after the item sells.”

Android users received the new feature on a previous software upgrade and the service has been available on the web version of the site and will provide users with a full list of their donation history.

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