Playmob’s Sophie Fox: “Gamification within the charity sector is thriving” (Interview)

We recently caught up with Sophie Fox, production manager for charities at Playmob, to discuss the impact of gamification on the charity sector.

| 9th Jun 15

SophieWe recently caught up with Sophie Fox, production manager for charities at Playmob to discuss the impact of gamification on the charity sector. Playmob is nominated for the charity award as part of Digital Leaders 100. 

Can you describe Playmob’s mission in a sentence?

Playmob is a cause marketing platform designed to connect social giving and gaming, making every click count!

Why do you think gamification is so popular? Do you think it has the potential to outdo traditional charity fundraising methods?

Gamification within the charity sector is thriving and it’s no surprise. The psychology behind gamification is a true fit with the way that we live our lives in a fast moving, reward based society. We use our mobiles whenever possible over a computer, we like reward based initiatives, leaderboards, points and progress bars. Charities are using all these principles of game play and integrating them in to campaigns meaning they can encourage this behaviour through donating and gain an important insight in to a donors behaviour and mindset.

We want people to stay engaged, have fun and remain motivated – put too much pressure on a person and they will quickly lose interest. Finding the balance is the key and at Playmob we think we have found it.

We help raise funds for charities through gaming, where people are already having fun and being rewarded for their efforts. We connect charities to suitable game developers and set up in game campaigns that raises money for the charity every time a specific item is sold.

Playmob is a finalist in the DL100 awards – congratulations! Why do you think you’ve been chosen?

It’s an honour to have been chosen as a finalist. We are passionate about games and about doing good and we are thrilled that to have been chosen.

At Playmob, we combine gaming techniques to help corporations achieve pre-defined charitable goals. We do this through ‘in-game giving’ in games, encouraging participants to raise money for causes whilst gaming. Over the next three years, we aim to generate further impact and raise $1billion for global causes. Through our knowledge and passion for the gaming sector and our determination to help fundraising become more innovative and easily accessible, Playmob is helping to change the face of fundraising and it’s an honour to have been chosen as one of the finalists.

We love what we do – the social impact side (which we track carefully) is the output of this success. Seeing what we’ve impacted daily – trees planted, meals provided, people helped for cyberbullying, children educated, books received – we are affecting people, and our world, positively on a day to day basis. DL100 awards are all about looking for companies who are leveraging digital to transform the UK’s services and we believe we are at the forefront in this arena.

We are honoured to have been chosen and it proves that anything is possible with a bit of hard work, determination and grit.

What’s in store for the rest of 2015?

With the success of 2014 under our belts, we have big things planned for 2015 helping more charities to reach their goals, more game developers to show their support for causes and for Playmob to make an even bigger impact on the world.