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WaterAid launches the Incredible Quiz of Unbelievable Sh!t

International charity WaterAid has launched a new interactive quiz asking people the burning question: “Do you know your sh!t?”

The Incredible Quiz of Unbelievable Sh!t will test your historical knowledge of all things faecal. Underneath the giggles, it intends to raise awareness about a serious issue: that around the world 2.5 billion people still do not have access to a safe, private toilet.

Alicia Robinson, Digital Communications Lead at WaterAid said: “Our Incredible Quiz isn’t just quirky, it also throws up some surprising – not to mention deeply disgusting – facts about life in the UK not that long ago. However well you know your sh!t, you can’t help but be shocked to think people around the world are still forced to live in conditions similar to our not-so-distant ancestors.”

WaterAid’s mission is for everyone, everywhere to have taps and toilets by 2030. But that can only be achieved by breaking the silence on sanitation and making change happen.

Every quiz-taker will be invited to sign WaterAid’s Make It Happen petition, calling on the UK Government to support a dedicated Sustainable Development Goal on water and sanitation at the United Nations General Assembly this September – to help achieve a healthier, fairer and more sustainable world for everyone.

Click here to take part!

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