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UK Youth’s Gary Brunskill on cloud and social media (Interview)

GaryWe recently caught up with Gary Brunskill, national projects officer at UK Youth, to talk about the charity’s recent nomination in the Digital Leaders 100 Awards and its relationship with digital technologies. 

Gary manages the network of Digital Youth Hubs; a National project funded by Microsoft, building the IT capacity of community youth clubs across the UK. 

Can you describe UK Youth’s mission in a sentence?

UK Youth delivers support and training to 700,000 young people aged 7-25 through 5,500 community based youth organisations. Our aim is to ensure that every young person we work with completes a successful transition from childhood to adulthood to become a happy, healthy, valued member of society, no matter how difficult their background or circumstances at the outset. We believe that a positive outcome for every young person will lead to a society that is positive about youth.

How do you engage with digital technologies as an organisation?

As an organisation we are forward thinking and open to using new technologies and tools, for example as a national organisation our staff members have been cloud based for a number of years, engaged creatively with social media and employed new and innovative systems to carry out our work. Furthermore we have worked with organisations such as Microsoft and O2 to develop digital skills projects which directly benefit young people in their own communities.

UK Youth is a finalist in the DL100 awards – congratulations! Why do you think you’ve been chosen?

It is an honour to have been shortlisted for a second year, we have built upon our digital work this year; young people from our ‘Youth Voice’ steering board have helped us to develop our work as we continue to be innovative and we are driven to support youth clubs and youth organisations to succeed in the digital world.

What’s in store for the rest of 2015?

In 2015 we are holding our National Conference ‘Youth Work in the Digital Age’ in July, we are deepening the impact and widening the scope of the Microsoft Youth Hubs project by investing further in community groups and sharing resources widley. We are currently developing a new digital platform as solution for youth clubs and youth leaders to help them carry out their work, track young people progress and manage their projects productively.

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