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Will we be speaking ’emoji’ in a few years’ time?

According to a new study by TalkTalk Mobile, emoji is being adopted at a faster rate than any other language .

The ‘Emoji IQ’ study of 2,00 Brits found that 8 in 10 (80%) are now using the colourful symbols to communicate.  62% claim they are using the new language more than they were a year ago and 4 in 10 claim to have sent messages made up entirely of emoji.

It reveals that 72% of the younger generation (18-25) find it easier to express their emotions with the pictorial symbols than words, with over half (51%) believing emoji have improved our ability to interact. A quarter of Brits (29%) are using emoji in at least half of all text, instant messaging and social media communications they send.

But not everyone is enthusiastic. Over half (54%) of over 40s admit to having been confused about what the symbols mean, with  31% claiming to have avoided using emoji in text, instant messaging and social media apps like Facebook because they lacked the confidence to use them appropriately.

Director of TalkTalk Mobile Dan Meader comments: “The explosion of social networks and messaging apps on our smartphones means that emoji are fast becoming the most popular way to quickly express how we’re feeling.”


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