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#DL100 finalist Lives Not Knives on digital tech (Interview)

We grabbed five minutes with Monique Rebeiro from charity Lives Not Knives, a finalist in the Digital Leaders 100 Awards. 

In 2007, when her daughter founded Lives Not Knives, Monique encouraged and supported the campaign. LNK began work tackling one of the major issues of the time – youth crime – and has since naturally progressed, with Monique’s guidance and direction, to improving the life chances of young people in Croydon with a focus on education and employment.

Can you describe Lives Not Knives’ mission in a sentence?

LNK is a charity that helps young people build positive futures.

How do you engage with digital technologies as an organisation?

Lives Not Knives is dependant on digital technologies to reach out to its supporters – a social media strategy is core for our charity.

Lives Not Knives is a finalist in the DL100 awards – congratulations! Why do you think you’ve been chosen?

LNK were made aware of Digital Leaders through Whiston Solutions, Paul Whiston and Daniel Mullings have been great supporters of LNK and offered support along the way.  Monique, CEO Lives Not Knives was invited to participate in the DL South East salon at Gatwick Hilton and was hugely impressed by the topic of conversation for the evening and the commitment for future collaborative work by all attendees.

LNK have been offering TechEd from the LNK unit based within Centrale Shopping Centre for the last 18 months.  Margaret Chatelier teamed up with keen local volunteers to manage and coordinate after school activities at 25 primary schools. The LNK unit facilitates monthly tech days to accommodate our young aspiring techies of the future.  Margaret’s aim is to enable the young people to embrace and encourage tech as a future career path.

LNK as a charity are delighted to be recognised by by Digital Leaders in the list of DL100.

What’s in store for the rest of 2015?

LNK is working with local businesses, charities, schools and organisations to harness and develop new opportunities for young people in the world of tech.

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