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Virtual reality film being used to raise funds for Nepal earthquake

Los Angeles based news firm RYOT has shot a virtual reality film, showing potential donors first-hand experience of the disaster aftermath, to raise funds for those affected by the Nepal earthquake, which struck last month.

The film was shot in the days following the 7.8 magnitude earthquake in late April and aims to fully immerse viewers in the destruction and impact of the disaster to encourage charitable donations.

As film-makers, we always try to have people understand the magnitude of a disaster but it’s difficult in traditional video,” said David Darg, RYOT’s director and co-founder.

This is the first time that Virtual Reality technology has been harnessed after an earthquake to give a fully immersive experience and help connect potential donors… in the most direct way available,” he continued.

International aid groups have said that two million people are still in need of basic resources and the United Nations has appealed for $423 million in funds, but less than a third has been raised so far.

Darg said that whilst traditional fundraising methods still work, the charitable sector needs to continually innovate and find ways to attract new audiences to secure donations and engagement.

By pioneering new ways to convey the very real messages of urgency and need, we can reinforce donor response and encourage a new demographic of donors and advocates to engage,” he explained.

The fund raised from the film will go through the RYOT Foundation to US charity Operation Blessing to finance food, water, blankets and shelter.

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